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Exqvisit 291-1-C1/1 Fridge \ Characteristics, Photo
Exqvisit 291-1-C1/1

refrigerator with freezer;
61.00x57.40x180.00 cm
Fridge Exqvisit 291-1-C1/1 Characteristics
type fridge: refrigerator with freezer
manufacturer: Exqvisit
freezer location: below
fridge location: standing separately
number of doors: 2
number of cameras: 2
management: electromechanical
width (cm): 57.40
depth (cm): 61.00
height (cm): 180.00
minimum temperature in the freezing chamber (C): -18
power freezing (kg/day): 4.00
total volume of the refrigerator (l): 326.00
freezer volume (l): 101.00
refrigerator compartment volume (l): 225.00
number of compressors: 1
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Please help the project: Thank you!

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