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xDevice xBot-1 Vacuum Cleaner \ Characteristics, Photo
xDevice xBot-1

36.00x36.00x9.00 cm
Vacuum Cleaner xDevice xBot-1 Characteristics
type vacuum cleaner: robot
manufacturer: xDevice
charging time (min): 240.00
battery capacity (mAh): 2500.00
battery time (min): 120.00
weight (kg): 3.00
additional functions: disinfecting uv lamp, function of aromatization
power consumption (W): 25.00
the number of stages of filtration: 4
type dust collector: cyclone
the amount of the dust bag (l): 0.30
type of cleaning: dry
suction power (W): 17.00
width (cm): 36.00
depth (cm): 36.00
height (cm): 9.00
the maximum speed of the robot cleaner (m/min): 18.50
the number of driving modes: 5
type sensors: optical
modes of motion: along the walls, zigzag, spirally
programming on weekdays
based on waste container
installation of the robot cleaner on the charger
remote controller
side brush
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