Brandt WTC 0823 K Washing Machine Characteristics

Brandt WTC 0823 K Washing Machine Photo

Brandt WTC 0823 K Washing Machine Photo, Characteristics

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Brandt WTC 0823 K Characteristics:

download typevertical
spin speed ​​(rpm)800.00
setup methodfreestanding
maximum load (kg)5.00
drying modeno
tank materialplastic
color washing machinewhite


operating the washing machineelectronic
special washing programssuper-rinse, wash delicate fabrics, preventing creasing
washable woolyes
control the level of foamyes
undo spinyes


height (cm)85.00
width (cm)40.00
depth (cm)60.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

wash classA
spin efficiency classD
water consumption per wash cycle (n)48.00
power consumption (kWh / kg)0.19
class power consumptionA


control imbalanceyes
protection from water leaksyes
kind of protection from water leakspartial (housing)
protection of childrenno

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Characteristics Washing Machine Brandt WTC 0823 K. Download type vertical. Power consumption 0.19 kWh / kg. Setup method freestanding. Spin speed ​​ 800.00 rpm. Spin efficiency class D. Wash class A. Tank material plastic. Operating the washing machine electronic. Color washing machine white. Special washing programs super-rinse, wash delicate fabrics, preventing creasing. Water consumption per wash cycle 48.00 n. Manufacturer Brandt. Maximum load 5.00 kg. Class power consumption A. Display no. Sizes 40.00x60.00x85.00 cm.

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