Bosch B1WTV 3002A Washing Machine Characteristics

Bosch B1WTV 3002A Washing Machine Photo

Bosch B1WTV 3002A Washing Machine Photo, Characteristics

Bosch B1WTV 3002A Characteristics:

download typefront
additionallychoice of washing temperature
spin speed ​​(rpm)1000.00
setup methodbuilt-in
maximum load (kg)4.00
drying modeno
color washing machinewhite


operating the washing machineelectronic
special washing programssoak, express laundry, wash in plenty of water, wash delicate fabrics
washable woolyes
control the level of foamyes
ability to select the spin speedyes
undo spinyes


height (cm)85.00
width (cm)60.00
depth (cm)40.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

wash classA
spin efficiency classC
power consumption (kWh / kg)0.20
class power consumptionA


control imbalanceyes
protection from water leaksyes
protection of childrenno

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