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Bosch BSGL 32015

Trisa Extremo 2200

Trisa Effectivo 2000

Hoover TFS 5186 019

LG FVD 3060

Electrolux ZAM 6102 Air Max


Scarlett SC-088 (2011)

Trisa Dynamico 1800

Philips FC 9192

Trisa Crumble Vac wet & dry

Electrolux Z 8830 T

Scarlett SC-282 (2011)

Trisa Master Vac

Rainford RVC-124

Euroflex Monster 097H Speedy

Gorenje VCK 1801 BCY III

Philips FC 6161

Trisa Platinum 2200

Samsung VCD 9422

LG V-C3251ND

Alpina SF-2210

LG V-C5681HT

Marta MT-1334

Philips FC 9080

Marta MT-1335

LG V-K70605N

Philips FC 9304

Marta MT-1336

Rowenta RO 3449

Marta MT-1340

Marta MT-1341

Saturn ST 1287 (Hector)

SBM group PVC-60

Bosch BSG 81266

Siemens VS 07G1822

Bosch BKS 3003

Trisa Clean Master 2200plus

Siemens VS 57E81

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